The Middle of the World

After the auxiliares meeting in Raleigh, I was really jazzed up to go to Spain again. One of the resources we got at the meeting was a list of the summer courses for Spanish teachers in the US that are offered every year in Spain. And after 3 hours of reminiscing about España, I was chomping at the bit to go. Unfortunately, that particular bit of professional development is going to have to wait for a future summer, because my summer 2013 is already taken with another trip: Ecuador!


Yes, at the end of May I will be spending 13 days in Ecuador on a trip with my college. Our home base will be Quito, the capital, and the students and other faculty will be taking a week of Spanish classes at our host language school (I’m not sure what I will be doing just yet. Sitting in on an advanced class to observe the teaching styles, I think, but I’m hoping to be taking a history or literature class). On the 2 weekends that fall on our stay we’ll be travelling: to the Equator, to the market in Otovalo, to the cloud forest, and to the volcano Cotopaxi. I have never been to Ecuador, not even to South America, so I’m really stoked.


We’ve already started thinking about fundraising. We’ll be doing a lot of soda-selling and things, because the more money we raise, the less of a strain it will be on the students and the more they will want to come. I’ll be going regardless, although I can’t say it would be bad to have to accept some funds towards the journey!


I’ll leave you all with a little factoid. This will be my first overseas trip that does not involve exchanging money. Ecuador uses the US dollar for currency!


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