New Blog!!!!!!

Well, not really. If you look closely, you can see that my 80-some past posts are still here, but the URL has changed. I am now “An Academic Abroad”, for a few reasons. One, I’m not in Spain anymore, and two, I was starting to feel really constrained by my blog title/URL. There is so more than just Spain that I want to blog about, but still having to do with travels and academia, so I decided to migrate. Welcome to my new home.

The auxiliares meeting in Raleigh on Friday was really awesome. It was so much fun to talk to other people who had been to Spain, and I got a TON of great information from the consular and the NC Public Schools World Languages Chair. It’s so interesting and great to me that I walked into a room of 15 strangers and had an instant connection with all of them, simply because we had all at one time tasted Fanta Limón and eaten jamón and said “Barthelona”. The consular told me that I had a “nice northern accent” as well (he meant my Spanish accent – I told him I had been living in Andalucía). Plus, I got to go to Raleigh, and that was pretty awesome too.

The weather here is starting to change, and it almost feels like fall. Soon, the two girls I met at the Raleigh meeting, plus several other of my friends, and over 2000 other people will be off to Europe where it is still incredibly hot. Safe travels, everyone!


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