Fall 2012

What we’re experiencing here is a brief slowdown in blog posts due to the fall semester starting up again. I am totally swamped with planning and things to do to get ready for this school year, so I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked to.

One thing I did do was sign up for the Returning Auxiliares conference, which is actually a series of meetings all over the US and Canada, set up by the Spanish government for all new and returning language assistants. I think this is a great idea; this program and its participants have SO much untapped networking potential. I know I met a lot of auxiliares while I was in Spain, but I’d love to keep up those connections outside of just Facebook. It’s also going to be fun to see who is in my immediate area who went through the program just like me. I’ll be going to the Raleigh meeting on September 7th – I wanted to do the DC meeting too, but it is on the same day as Raleigh, and Raleigh is closer.

So, any other language assistants reading this blog who are planning on going? I hope everyone goes to one, even if it’s not the same one as me. And, if you are coming to Raleigh on the 7th, let me know!


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