Seoul 1988

The year and place in my title being the last time Spain began so poorly in the Olympics. It is day 4 and Spain has yet to medal in anything. According to the linked article, this is not new, as Spain tends to win a lot of medals in team competitions, the finals of which are at the end of the Games. However in 2008, Spain had won a gold by the end of day 1, thanks to Sammy Sánchez in the road race, then won a bronze the next day in fencing. In fact, Spain won a total of 18 medals in Beijing. In Athens, Spain won their first medal on day 3, and went on to win 18 more medals.


In some disciplines, there is still hope. Spain played France yesterday in women’s handball and tied 18-18, and the men’s basketball team beat Australia 82-70. In others, Spain is definitively out of medal contention, such as Melania Costa, who didn’t made the finals for the 200 meter freestyle, although there are other swimmers still in contention, such as Mireia Belmonte in the 200 butterfly.


The political cartoonists are having fun with the whole Olympics-in-an-economic-crisis theme. Here’s a series of cartoons depicting some new Olympic sports, such as the “economy throw” (shotput is called cannonball throw in Spanish), the “risk premium jump“, the “shooting for a job” (archery is called shooting at a target in Spanish), and  “uphill rowing” (with a very threatening crisis-gator at the bottom of the slope). Really reinforcing the fact that these Olympics are not taking people’s minds off of the economy, what with the lack of medals and all.


In other news, I have too many friends who are still in Europe. I go on Facebook and I’m spoiled every time for the evening broadcasts. I suppose I could just not go on Facebook . . . but then how would I have found this amazing article of the faces Olympic divers make in slow motion??


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