How the mighty have fallen

No remarks from my cousin, please. I must admit I had a liiiiiiiittle too much fun watching the Eurocup with him while my family and I were at the beach. He studied Italian in college and when Spain beat Italy 4-0 I probably sang “Campeones” a few times too many. Now I find that Spain is OUT of the running for the medal in soccer, after ONE ROUND, losing to Honduras 1-0.


That cuts down on my Spain-watching quite a bit. Men’s basketball began today with a Spain-China matchup, which they won 97-81. They play again on Monday against Australia. Cycling has been going on these past 2 days as well: Alejandro Valverde and Luis Leon Sánchez both rode in the road race yesterday, although neither medaled (Vinokurov won that one). There will be some time trials on Monday to watch and some track cycling starting Tuesday to finish up.


Another sport to watch for Spain, which I didn’t mention in my last post, is handball. Handball is an interesting sport, and it is very popular in Europe, both men’s and women’s teams. I like to think of it as water polo, but without the water. Or you could think of it as basketball with the goal on the ground and a goalkeeper like in soccer. The women’s team for Spain lost to South Korea yesterday 27-31, and the men’s team beat Serbia today 26-21.


So far Spain hasn’t won any medals, but the JJOO are still young, and we can only wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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