Los Juegos Olímpicos

Something I have always found interesting about Spanish abbreviations is that if the phrase you are abbreviating is plural (such as JuegoS OlímpicoS), you double the letter of each word. Hence, today begins the JJ.OO. (You also have the US turning into EE.UU., human rights becoming DDHH for “derechos humanos”, and an abbreviation that makes no sense to me: FFCC for ferrocarriles or “trains” – it’s only one word! Shouldn’t it be FF?)


Although we still have not gotten over the ugliness of the Spanish Olympic uniforms (even my sister said they were butt-ugly, and she didn’t even know of the whole controversial back story), the Games begin tonight and Spain is excited to have something to distract from the terrible economy. ABC has a nifty little calendar where you can look at when Spain is going to be competing. The page is in Spanish and the times are all given as Spain time, which is one hour later than London time, and at least 6 hours later than the US. However, basketball and soccer are going to be the sports to watch. Both sports start off on Sunday, with the basketball team playing China, and the football team playing Honduras. The other games aren’t on the schedule, of course, because no one knows who will win. Another sport to watch will probably be cycling. Sammy Sánchez won gold in the road race in Beijing and Spain will be looking to repeat the win.


Since I’m stateside for the time being, I’m going to be a little behind on my news; for example, while I’m watching the Opening Ceremonies live (which is 4 pm for me here), most of the rest of the sports I’ll watch in US Eastern prime time. At least it’s not as bad as Beijing . . . I think everyone but Australia was inconvenienced by that time difference. I shouldn’t have any quandaries in rooting for Spain and the US, but there is the specter of a US-Spain basketball match-up that will leave me torn. Happy Games, everyone!


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