Time is fun when you’re eating flies

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that he is going to be back in Andalucía a month from now, getting ready for the upcoming school year. He didn’t stay in Europe after his previous contract ended, so he is heading back east to enjoy Spain/Europe a bit before the school year starts. But when I read his post, I just thought, “Already??? Didn’t we just finish our LAST year in Spain???”

Even though people have been getting their placements for weeks now, and talking about new schools and visas and NIEs, and even though I’ve already Facebook-met the new auxiliar at my old school, it still doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since I was the one getting ready to move to Europe. At the same time, it feels like a million years ago that I was in Alcalá. I don’t know what it is about enormous experiences that make you feel this duality in time, but I’ve felt this way about many things in my life – high school, college, various past jobs. I went back to my old city last weekend to visit friends, and driving by my former workplace and my old apartment gave me the exact same feeling. Wasn’t I just living here? And didn’t I leave long ago?

Maybe living abroad has exacerbated this feeling, because I would say comparatively that I feel like I left Spain MUCH longer than 1 month ago, but I moved out of my old place a while ago, but not obscenely long. Spain feels like a break from my life here in the US, which it kind of was, and it just doesn’t jibe with my American mindset.

Another thing that seems like forever ago: my HSK test. It has been just slightly over a month since I took it, which means (dum dum DUMMMMMM) that my scores are in! The shakedown is: 77% on listening, 85% on reading, and 79% on writing, for a total score of 241. Passing is 180, so that means I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! This is going directly on my CV.


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