Laptop killer, part dos

I bet you all thought this was gonna be like your normal “study abroad” blog that disappears with no warning once the author gets back to America. But the real reason I haven’t been blogging is this: I had my 4th laptop die on me the last week of May. I swear this one wasn’t even my fault. I didn’t spill soda on it, or drop it, or turn it off while it was updating. I was just using it like a normal person and it shut off! First I thought it overheated, but the computer stubbornly refused to turn back on. After using my Kindle to Google the model of my lappy (turns out the motherboards on them tend to die quickly), and to Google how to dial a toll-free number from outside of the US, I was on the phone with HP who gave me a case number and asked me to call them when I got back to the States so they could send me a box and I could send the darn thing back to them.


Once again, the Kindle was my saving grace. I’m not being paid to promote them, but I was able to check my email, get hostel phone numbers and directions, and keep up with Facebook for the following 2.5 weeks thanks to that thing. Oh, and read books. This was crucial because on May 31st, my contract was up and I was off on a cross country adventure to the north and east of Spain, culminating in a week-long visit to Granada and a class at the Confucius Institute, with a Chinese proficiency test at the end of it all. I’ll be talking about my travels and discoveries in upcoming posts, so let me focus on the HSK here. It was not as bad as I had feared, and I am pretty sure I passed. The class was also fun, and now I can say that I have taken a Chinese class in Spanish. We took a lot of practice tests in class and I was getting about a 70-80% on those, and you need a 60% overall to pass. I will find out the results in July.


Currently I’m doing a lot of job interviews and getting ready to go to the beach next week – which is a little superfluous considering I spent the past year within busing distance of a beach. However, I missed every family holiday party this year – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again. I have a lot of catch-up work to do on this blog, and I definitely don’t mean for it to disappear. So, keep watching this space!


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