Adventures in Spanish Cooking: Polvorones

Let me preface this by saying that NO ONE in Spain would make homemade polvorones. Polvorones obviously come from the store, individually wrapped and ready for Christmas. But, as it is no longer Christmas, and I don’t think I can buy individually wrapped polvorones in the US, I decided that my next project would be Spanish cookies.


At school in December, we had lots and lots and lots and lots of polvorones floating around the coffee room and the office and the staff lounge, and I could not stop eating them. It was when I was eating leftover polvorones in January, actually, that I took some time to think about what it was I was inhaling, and I came to the conclusion that it was lard. (Relevant to this story is how I went home at Christmas and found that somehow I had continued to gain weight after moving to Spain. Whoda thunk it). So the first step in this project was to go to the store and buy a big ol’ tub of manteca. I got together all the ingredients, along with this nifty scale I picked up at the local chino, and I guess the only really weird thing (besides the pork lard, I mean) was that I had to toast the flour.












Hmmm . . .

This just doesn't seem right.











So, how was my result? Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I am not 100% sure that I cooked them long enough though, not that they have anything in them that needs cooking. They don’t look very pretty, but man are they tasty.



Despite how they look, I think the ones on the left are better than the ones on the right.


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