An update or five

Here are some things I have posted about in the past that have loose ends:


  • My resident’s card has been freshly minted and is waiting at the Cádiz police station for me to pick up. I’ll be going to get it on Friday morning. It’s going to have an awful picture on it too; I knew we weren’t allowed to smile for these photos so I attempted to look happy while not smiling. Instead I look quizzical, or maybe like I have just been surprised by a small dog.
  • A lingering cough is all that remains from my previous, kid-induced illness.
  • My trouble student will not be coming back to class come December. Hooray!
  • Spanish Thanksgiving turned out really well. Here are some pictures.


And now for a few more tidbits: there is a neighbor somewhere who is really intent on his or her piano playing. I am pretty sure it must be the person who lives in number 10, because none of the patio families (we straddle numbers 8 and 9) have a piano or a piano player. Hanon would be proud. Also, I am getting paid tomorrow. Also, I’m going to take that paycheck and turn a good chunk of it into Moroccan dirham, because early Saturday morning I am going to MOROCCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited now, but I don’t think that will even come close to how I will feel when I step off the ferry onto Africa. Just saying it boggles my mind.


One Response to An update or five

  1. Daniel says:

    I hear that some countries don’t allow smiling pictures for official documents, but that is not the case of Spain. According to the Ministry of Interior Website, all they require is “Una fotografía reciente, en color, del rostro del solicitante, tamaño 32 por 26 milímetros, con fondo uniforme blanco y liso, tomadas de frente con la cabeza totalmente descubierta y sin gafas de cristales oscuros o cualquier otra prenda que pueda impedir o dificultar la identificación de la persona.” I’m definitely smiling in my NIE.

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