When you live in a foreign country and you work 12 hours a week, travel is something that happens quite often. I can honestly say that even with my love of driving and access to a car, I didn’t travel nearly this much in America.

Travel takes different forms. Sometimes it is just a day trip, like when I went to Algeciras for about 6 hours on National Day, October 12.

Algeciras, Spain

This kind of day trip can often be the most exciting, because you are only limited by what time the bus leaves. You get to explore as much of a city as you can in that span of time. Now, Algeciras is not very big, and it is not super historical, so I walked around all of it in my 4 hour block of time. And then I went and ate Moroccan food. Mmmmm, kebabs. Anyway, the point of this kind of trip is to wander around. I like to get a good feel for a place by just walking around the streets, even if they aren’t the streets that have “sights” on them. I like to sit in plazas and people-watch. I like to eat Moroccan food. Did I mention the kebabs?

Sometimes, trips take the form of multi-day adventures, like my trip from this past long weekend.

Málaga, Spain

Córdoba, Spain

The point of an extended trip like this one is to see as many important sites as possible. On my puente, I went to Málaga, Granada, and Córdoba, and I hit at least one important site in each city. In Málaga (pictures above) I got a little ambitious and visited the Alzacaba (old walled city), the Gibralfaro (castle), Picasso’s birthplace, and the Picasso Museum of Málaga . . . all in one day! In Granada I was a little less ambitious, mostly because I was tired. I did walk around the Albaycín, which is the old district and the city’s Arabic quarter. A good place to get some tea and buy exotic things. In Córdoba I had recovered my strength and I visited the Mezquita/Catedral, as well as the old synagogue and then just wandered around the old Jewish quarter (pictures again above, in progress).

Both of these trips are ones I went on alone, but trips also happen in groups.

Lagos, Portugal

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Spain was go to Portugal with a group of teachers and students. I went with a company called DiscoverSevilla, and I swear I wasn’t paid to promote them, but I would highly recommend their trips to anyone. I paid I guess 140 euros to get bus travel to and from Portugal, 2 nights in a hotel with breakfast, transportation to and from the beach, and to and from the End of the World, as well as the services of the tour guides, who helped us not to get lost at night.

Group travel can also happen closer to home. I went hiking with a group of people from Chiclana a few weeks ago.

Patrite, Spain

This was a grueling hike because I was not used to the distance. However, the people I hiked with were very friendly, and as you can see, I took some great pictures.

I have only been here in Spain for 6 weeks, and the travel doesn’t look to be slowing down any. So look for more pictures to come!


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