Being a tourist

Once I got my apartment set up, it was time to do the tourist thing. Dad and I went back to our hotel in Cádiz on Wednesday and on Thursday we got down to touristing. We took the bus up to the old part of Cádiz but we did not bring the camera. Trust me though, it was gorgeous. Taking the bus was fun too, which we did back to our hotel to get the car and drive to Alcalá. Our first stop was the grocery store, and we filled up 2 carts worth of provisions. Dad very graciously unloaded the groceries and the suitcases while I went down to open a bank account – the first step, I thought, in getting Internet set up in my apartment. It was pretty easy to do, but once I had the bank account, the Movistar store was closed, so I went back up to the apartment. In my absence, Dad had put away all the groceries, and my new neighbors had brought over some lunch for us! I think it was at about that time that I started really relaxing and feeling not-overwhelmed.


So after the siesta I went back to the Movistar store, but I was told that I needed my NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjeros, or an ID number for foreigners). Hmm. That didn’t seem right, but I was tired and we needed to get back to our hotel Thursday night, so we left and went back to Cádiz. We then checked out on Friday morning and drove back up to the old section of Cádiz, this time with the camera. I would be uploading pictures right now, but this computer doesn’t seem to have a card reader. Anyway, it was once again beautiful and Dad and I had our café in a little plaza up there. Off to Alcalá once more, but this time to stay.


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