Plaza Santo Domingo, 8

Once again, there has been a lag in updating. I still don’t have Internet in my house (more on that later), so I am updating here at my school. Last time we blogged, I was talking about my house search . . .

So the principal of my school gave me a few anuncios that had been hanging in the school, so I got to cold call them in Spanish. There were 3 houses that I ended up looking at, and it was funny, but they went from so-so to awesome! Dad and I saw the first one at 2 pm. It was off a side street and there wasn’t much to it. It was livable, but I didn’t fall in love with it. The second one I saw at 3. It was right off Calle Real, which is close to the lower plaza. It was very nice! The landlady seemed very nice as well. It was a little more expensive though. Then, it was about 3:30 and Dad and I hadn’t eaten yet, so we went back down to the Paseo and had a belated lunch. I was exhausted by this point, but I had another house to see at 4:30.

As you may have guessed, this one ended up being the house I rented. It is amazing, huge kitchen, terrace, and the best part is, my landlords and their family, and my landlords brother and his family all live around the same courtyard with me. It’s nice because it makes me feel less overwhelmed with everything. I decided to rent it right then and there. Pepi (my landlady) seemed very anxious that the house be fixed up perfectly, and there was still a bunch of her family’s stuff in the house. I tried to convey to her that the house as it was was more than I had ever hoped for. But we agreed to come back on Thursday to drop off my suitcases, and then start staying there on Friday.

So we drove back to Cádiz exhausted but triumphant. I was so overwhelmed with everything that had happened that day that Dad and I just went out for drinks, and then we went to the supermarket and just got some fruit and veggies and bread and had a small dinner in the hotel.

More to come . . .

Oh! And here are my pictures!


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