When you finish climbing the hill, then climb the hill

I have been lax about blogging because there has just been so much to do! OK, so back up to Madrid . . .


Dad and I left Madrid on Tuesday morning at about 10 am, heading for Rota. Basically we drove through all of Extremadura. We saw an actual shepherd, with sheep dogs, and lots of cotton fields, and cows. We stopped for lunch at a little rest stop and got a 3 course meal for 9 euros each. We had fun flipping through the Spanish radio stations.

Dad driving in Spain.


Then, after more than 6 hours in the car, we got to Rota . . . and discovered that we were not allowed on the base! Not at all! No questions! I had a breakdown right there and started crying (fortunately not in front of the military men), and after a while, I wasn’t even crying over the stupid Navy Lodge, I was just stressed out.


Dad and I drove to Cádiz then (with an exciting detour through El Puerto de Santa María, involving Dad driving on the sidewalk. Good times) and we got a hotel there. We wandered around the beach and got dinner on the “boardwalk” (really a concrete-walk).


On Wednesday after breakfast (coffee and toast with jamón for Dad, coffee and toast with jam for me) we drove into Alcalá de los Gazules to visit the school. The academic head had emailed me his phone number (which I forgot to write down) and told me to visit any day between 9:30 and 2:30. I emailed him back . . . and got the email returned because his inbox was full. So, us showing up was a little bit of a surprise, but the secretary met us at the door and knew exactly who I was. I quickly met and kissed on both cheeks almost every teacher, and quickly forgot everyone’s names. Oh well, when I start on Monday I’ll learn them all over again.


Anyway, even though I planned to live in Cádiz city, both Ángel (the academic director) and José (the principal) recommended that I live in Alcalá, and after taking the trip all the way out there, and seeing how nice the town was, I agreed.

Alcalá de los Gazules.


Thus began the long process of calling complete strangers in Spanish . . . more to come.




One Response to When you finish climbing the hill, then climb the hill

  1. Ryan says:

    Ah yes, travel mishaps!

    (You may want to head over to one of my grad school classmates’ blogs at http://www.thoughtluggage.com when the concept of a travel mishap becomes less stressful and you want a healthy dose of schadenfreude.)

    Glad to hear you seem to be more or less unscathed, despite fate’s efforts to the contrary.

    Also, when you get a mailing address, email it to me please? :-)

    Hope things are going better.

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