Google Street View

With one week to go before the flight to Spain (hopefully less stressful than the Flight to Egypt), I have started compiling some places/numbers/ideas on where I want to live. I am hopefully going to find a place to live, and move in, within the first week of being in Spain because my father will be there as well, and he has rented a car. While I COULD stay in a hostel and lug around 3 big suitcases for longer than that if that’s what it takes . . . the whole process just sounds so much better with a car.


First discovery: due to the limitations of bus lines, I almost have to live in Cádiz city, San Fernando, Chiclana de la Frontera, or Puerto Real. This is not a bad thing, but it certainly knocks out several places I was considering, like El Puerto de Santa María and Jerez de la Frontera.


Second discovery: I love Google Street View. It lets you find out that the apartment you are considering is on a city street with no trees and surrounded by sketchy storefronts. What did people do before this invention? (They waited until they got to Spain and then they went to look for themselves).


I had my third and final farewell party today, this time with my extended family. We roasted hot dogs over the fire pit (an early birthday present for my dad) and had a great time. I’ll be missing all 3 extended-family-holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter) this year, so it was good to see everyone for one last time.


7 days until I am flying to Madrid!


One Response to Google Street View

  1. Lauren says:

    Street view was a salvavidas for me not just because I could see whether or not the area was sketchy, but also because it prevented me getting horribly lost on more than one occasion. I nearly missed my turn going to see a place in Sevilla last week but I recognized the building I needed to get to thanks to street view. I guess living in a 1984/big brother-esque society has its advantages.

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