When a plan comes together

Things are really coming together, and quickly. I am almost 100% ready to leave the country, except for a few minor issues still to deal with concerning my car. The other day I bought suitcases, and a new winter coat, and I packed all my clothes. I have been living in and out of suitcases ever since, which is slightly annoying, but at least I know I won’t forget anything.


Today I got a present in the mail: a European phone from my awesome college roommate, belonging to her parents who had bought it when they went to Italy a few years back. I just need a SIM card and I am ready to call people from Spain! I am SO EXCITED, and thankful. And excited.


I have been filling up on football (á la American) before I leave the country. The NSU-West Virginia game yesterday . . . I had heart palpitations every time NSU had the ball. What a mess.


Speaking of sports, I can’t wait to go to some football (á la the rest of the world) games when I am in Europe. It is on the list of things I must do.


13 days until my flight!


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