The second set of musings on packing

After taking out all of my clothes and laying them out by color, season, and formality, I have come to one conclusion: I have WAY more clothes than I thought I did. I don’t really need to buy much more, but I have been shopping twice since The Great Organization and bought some stuff. I got the shoes from my previous post when I went shopping with my mom on Friday, and I got some more pajamas today when I went shopping with my sister. What I didn’t get was suitcases, because they are expensive, and I am comparison-shopping right now. Those will be bought by the end of the week.


I had farewell-party-two last night, and it was so much fun I think I hurt myself laughing. It was an American themed party, although my friends admitted that it was difficult to choose American food to prepare as most of what stereotypical Americans eat would likely kill me. Also, I stayed until almost 1:30 am, and I am kind of down in the dumps today. If only I could go to Spain without saying goodbye to anyone.


Apart from packing, I also need to start compiling a list of apartments to go look at once I am in-country. That will happen this week as well.


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