Driving to Europe

So here is another thing you don’t think about when you are preparing to leave the country. You realize that you will have to consolidate all of your things and store them at your parents’ house. You will not be renting an apartment anymore, and not paying for electricity and Internet access. You will need new luggage. But somehow, until the reality smacks you in the face one day, you don’t ever think about what to do with your car.


Obviously I cannot drive my car to Spain. And I *thought* I knew what I was going to do with my car: store it in a barn owned by a very generous friend of the family. Until yesterday though I thought that was the end of it.


First problem: my license plates. I didn’t renew them for the upcoming year because I knew I was going to be giving up my apartment, and so I wouldn’t have an address to register them under. Unfortunately, not only do my parents live in a different state, but they want the car to have tags in case they need to drive it. The tags that are on it will expire TOMORROW because I simply didn’t think about this problem until this past weekend.


Second problem: the car title. I bought the car here in my parents’ state, but when I moved, I retitled the car. What I didn’t know (until yesterday) is that our two states differ in their handling of titles that have a lien on them. In my parents’ state, you get the title back with a note on it saying that you don’t fully own the car yet. In my state, the DMV keeps the title until you have paid off the lien. I guess I got busy with life and didn’t really realize that I had no car title, until yesterday when I went through every paper in my filing cabinet and couldn’t find it.


So I can’t retitle my car in my parents’ state because I have no title to surrender to the DMV. I can’t get that title unless I 1) pay off the lien (that will not be possible in the next 3 weeks as I have no income and have not worked since July, and won’t be working again until October), or 2) send a letter to the bank requesting that they release the title to the DMV so that I can change the titling state. I can’t get new tags that are not expired because my car is titled in a state where I have no address. I can’t renew in my state and I can’t switch tags without the title.


Also, I need to call up my insurance company and work out something with my car insurance.


Cars: They require more paperwork than humans!


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