The first set of musings on packing

Now that I have my visa, my plane tickets, and my hotel reservations, it is time for me to start thinking about packing. I don’t want to pack too much, but also I don’t want to pack too little.


The facts:

  • I am flying into Madrid via British Airways. I can check one bag for free and carry on one bag, plus my laptop.
  • My dad will be flying in with me so we can do some traveling together. He will be returning to the US after 1 week, so he doesn’t need as much luggage. He also gets one checked bag and one carry-on, plus his sleep machine.
  • I do not want to look like a tacky American.
  • I am excited about having this chance to basically “reinvent” myself, since 100% of the people in Spain have never met or seen me before.

As my mother says, the issue is going to be the shoes. Shoes take up a lot of room in luggage. And as my sister and I realized when we were traveling in Barcelona 5 years ago, women’s shoes in Spain don’t necessarily go up to sizes 9 and 10, which is how big our feet are.

Currently I have enough socks and underwear and hose, and a good number of pairs of pants and skirts, although I would like to buy another pair of nice jeans. I am doing ok on tops, but I don’t really have enough colors. Most of my professional wear that I have been using since I started teaching 3 years ago is very drab. I am tired of drab. I have plenty of jackets.

So basically I need to buy some more fun, colorful blouses, and some luggage to put it all in.


On a slightly unrelated note: I would also very much like to buy these shoes, and these two shirts. I realize that this does nothing to further my goals in my last 2 bullet points.


5 Responses to The first set of musings on packing

  1. hayleycomments says:

    Actually you’ll be right on the money with Converse in Spain, they love ’em – and stock up because they’re way cheaper in the good old USA. But t-shirts are a no go for girls, so unfair but so true :(

  2. Buy the fun, colorful blouses when you get to Spain! Where will you be again? I know that when I was in Sevilla in January they had rebajas (mad sales) all over the place. Lots of dangerous discounts. Rebajas happen twice a year so they’re also going on right now (I think, at least in Sevilla), and should be throughout September. But don’t quote me on that. Also, shoes will be the death of me and my luggage space. Damn my size 10 feet.

    • Hah, I like that: “dangerous” discounts. I like to have some peril in my shopping experience. My sister also has size 10 feet, and she found the coolest pair of shoes when we were in Barcelona. When she told the sales clerk her shoe size the woman said they didn’t even make shoes that size . . .

  3. Erica says:

    You could have someone mail you shoes. Maybe ….

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