Yes, that’s right, I got my visa! After all that agonizing over the background check, and the layer of DC grime, I have my passport back in my hands (well, not right now, I’m typing) and the visa firmly glued into the back of it!


It was a slight surprise that I was able to get it because I hadn’t planned on it; I was driving out of town on Tuesday morning and there was a ton of traffic on the Beltway. So I took some improvised detours, like I always used to do when I was living at home and commuting to American University for classes. Once I was in the AU area, I thought, hey, Washington Circle is like right there, I am already an hour behind schedule, I may as well check. I used the one quarter in my purse to get 8 minutes of time on a parking meter, and was in and out of the consulate in less than 5. Success!


It is really starting to hit me that I am leaving the country in a little less than a month. Last night I had my first of what I already know will be several farewell parties. It’s hard to believe I won’t be starting school with these people next week.


I also stopped in at my church so I could give them my tithe (which I had forgotten about until I had already moved back into my parents’ house). The associate pastor told me that was the “most awesome reason ever” to come back and visit. I don’t know what the church situation in Spain is going to be like but I am going to miss those guys.


Coming up: the wonders of packing!


2 Responses to VISA

  1. Ha, the layer of DC grime! Do you mean the layer that covers the entire district? I only lived there for five months so I guess I shouldn’t be so cynical. But I appreciate the image. Congrats on procuring that much anticipated visa, and good luck on packing! I leave in <3 weeks and have been in denial about the packing part.

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