Public schools in Andalucía all get numbers, but not numbers like PS 9, numbers like the one in my title. In fact, that number is the one for the school I’ll be working at: CEIP Juan Armario. I know this because last night I finally stopped being lazy and emailed the school (in Spanish), asking some questions about my hours and which classes I will be aiding. I was expecting at least a week before I got a reply, but this morning I had a response (in English) in my mailbox!


The Head of the school was the one who responded, not the English teacher I’ll be working with, so the English was inadvertently amusing. For a few minutes I panicked and wondered if my Spanish sounded similar, but I figured, hey, who cares. He was very vague about my work schedule, saying only that I would work 12 hours a week (knew that already) and that I would be helping an English teacher (that was news). The kids range from 3 to 11 years old. Then he asked me some questions about myself, and there you go, my first contact with my Spanish school! I answered him in English since he emailed me in that language, although I am still not sure why he did so. Maybe he thought I’d be more comfortable typing in English.


Other than that, no new news. I am still waiting on the FBI background check. I think this one is going slower than the last one. I don’t have any new factoids about Spain to share because my Guatemala research has recently eaten my whole life. I am sort of in the middle of a book on Phillip II, so maybe soon I’ll have something fun to post about.


97 days until I am teaching in Spain!


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