Mr. Hague and his Apostle

I am starting to really hate this process. After yet another day of having no background check in my mailbox, I called up the FBI and was told that it is still in processing. It hasn’t been mailed yet! So that means I won’t be getting it by tomorrow, which is the last day I can get it to be able to take it up to DC this weekend and get the apostille.


I had it all planned out too! I was going to get all my documents together, get up super early on Friday, and drive into the state capital to get the state apostille on my letter of good health. Then, onto the Department of State in DC to get the apostille on my background check, with enough time left over to make it to my dentist’s appointment at 2. Then, after a fun-filled weekend, back downtown on Monday to go to the consulate, apply for my visa, and leisurely head home knowing I would have my visa in ridiculously enough time to go to Spain.


Now there is pretty much no way I can apply for my visa this weekend. I am not worried about getting my visa on time. I have been hearing from people who have visa appointments for the first week in August. However. It is not exactly a day trip to go to DC and I have already blown my gas budget for this month with more to be spent this weekend as I’m obviously still going to my dentist’s appointment. Which is why I wanted to combine the two trips in the first place.


I can’t go back next weekend because I will be at a hiking conference. I can’t go the weekend after that because I have guests here at my place. That leaves the weekend of the 16th, and basically means that I will not be in my apartment on the weekends for the entire summer. Or, I could take a middle of the week trip sometime in July. Or, I could apply in August. Despite what others are doing, I am not willing to cut it that close.




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