Passing through the ports

FINALLY I got my passport. It is roughly twice as thick as my previous passport, which they also returned. The old passport had holes punched in it, I guess so there won’t be me plus another Sarah running around who looks like me at age 18.


So this meant that today after work (well, today after work and the library and lunch and watching Howl’s Moving Castle) I went to the post office with a photocopy of my passport and the acceptance letter, both signed by me, and that was that. They are on their way to Spain now and they should be there by Friday. One thing down . . .


Several things to go! I asked the rental office about breaking my lease. Unfortunately I have to give 60 days notice, not 30 or 45 or anyway something that would let me break the lease on July 31. So I will be breaking it at the end of August. I will pretty much still be moving out at the end of July; in fact, my mother just called me to let me know that while I am away from home in July, visiting some college friends, my dad will drive down here and load up all the stuff I won’t have brought up to their house by that point, and take it all. That might be slightly disconcerting, arriving home at midnight to an apartment containing an air mattress, my laptop, one plate, and some clothes. Oh, I guess food too. For the one plate.


I didn’t really want this blog to be a to-do list for me, since that is essentially what my LiveJournal devolved into when I was in grad school. I don’t have a lot of entries about my actual life back then, but I know what all my homework was, and how long it took me to complete it. But one of the purposes of this blog is to help others who are going through the same process, whether now or in the future. So here comes one of hopefully few lists of things I have yet to do:


– Notarize my medical letter here in town.

– Go to the state capital and get the Apostille of the Hague put on my medical letter.

– Go to DC and get the Apostille of the Hague put on my FBI background check (which is in my mailbox right now I hope I hope).

– Fill out the visa application form.


– Go to DC and apply for my visa.

– Call up Traveler’s and tell them not to automatically renew my renter’s insurance.

– Call up Geico and have them put a hold on my car insurance.

– Call up the cable and power companies and cancel my services.

– Transfer my car title and registration, and my voter registration, to my parents’ state.

– Cancel my health insurance? (I have heard it is difficult to get re-insured if you cancel. Also now that I was ill last summer that can count as a “pre-existing condition” when I come back to the US and re-apply for insurance. However, I don’t know that it is useful to be paying $200 a month when Spain will be paying for my doctor’s visits anyway)

– Pack!



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